Frequently Asked Questions

Product Orders and Shipping

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Paypal payments.

How long will it to take to receive my order?

All orders are shipped USPS and typically take 5-8 days to receive.  Once your order is placed you will receive email updates on the order's delivery status.

I live in Canada, can I purchase RotoScrub?

Yes, you can purchase our products on or on eBay.

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Will RotoScrub work with my drill?

Yes, RotoScrub fits into the chuck of ANY drill – any brand, any size.

How do the RotoScrub products attach to my drill?

The metal shaft is inserted into the chuck of the drill just like any drill bit or accessory.

Can I use cleaning agents with my Rotoscrub?

Yes, but it is recommended to wear eye protection when using cleaning agents to protect your eyes from splatter.

Should I use high or low speed for cleaning?

You can use your drill on high or low speed for cleaning. Your drill may be easier to control in low speed, and low speed will allow you to apply more pressure since it provides more torque. However, some stains are most easily removed in high speed. It is important to keep the surface and RotoScrub wet during cleaning to avoid “dry friction” which could result in scuff marks on certain surfaces.

Will the RotoScrub products scratch my tiles, glass, etc.?

In most applications there will be no scratch or swirl marks. To help avoid this, use your drill in low speed and ensure the surface being cleaned as well as your scrub pad or brush is kept wet during cleaning. If possible, first test the RotoScrub product by hand in an inconspicuous area to ensure no marking will be left behind.


Bathroom Cleaning Drill Accessory Kit

How do I securely tighten the metal shaft into the backing pad?

The easiest way to tighten the shaft into the backing pad is to first thread the shaft in by hand, then insert the shaft into the chuck of your drill, tighten the chuck, then tighten the backing pad by hand. This is slightly easier with a scrub pad attached.  

Should I use my drill in forward or reverse for cleaning?

It is recommended that you use your drill in forward in order to prevent the backing pad from coming loose from the metal shaft, however if the shaft is secured tightly you can use your drill in either direction.  

What’s the difference between the blue and white scrub pads?

Color is the only difference. They are the same size, material and abrasiveness.

Can I use either side of the scrub pads?

Yes, the scrub pads can be attached from either side to the velcro backing pad which allows you to get double the life out of your scrub pads.

How long will the scrub pads last?

It depends on the application. On smooth surfaces like sinks and counters they will typically hold up to several rounds of cleaning. On more abrasive surfaces like grout and textured bathtub bottoms they will wear faster.